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Marisa Miller pregnant! ♥

Congratulations is in order..she's going to have a lovely baby boy!
Here is some of what she has sahred about her pregnancy so far..
"Oh and let me tell you, there are a lot of changes! My first trimester I was so exhausted. I could sleep 10 hours, then wake up, look in the mirror and still have eyes like a hound dog! I felt like the life was sucked out of me, no matter how much sleep I got. It was obvious that my body was really busy doing something else and “beauty sleep” didn’t exist anymore!

I was also really dizzy and of course, nauseous. Then my skin started to break out like a teenager — really badly! The funny thing was, even as I was going through all this, I was still so happy. There was so much freedom in letting go of my appearance because the reason for all these symptoms was this miracle growing inside me. I really could care less about what I looked like.

After finding out I was pregnant, I threw out a lot of my beauty products and household cleaners. I am already pretty conscious about using mostly natural products, but I wasn’t sure exactly which ones were okay, so until I could really research it, I stopped using anything questionable. Now I reallyhad to embrace my broken-out skin — no zit cream!"

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