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Candice Swanepoel ♥ INTERVIEW 2012

 - How is the relationship with the country?
- It's my second home, or even the first ... I can not say. I left South Africa for 15 years. I met my boyfriend at 17 and started coming here ever since. I spent a good part of my life in Brazil, grew up here ... It was love at first sight.

- What else like it here?
- I feel a different energy. I live in New York and there things revolve around who you are, what they do and how much money you have. Here I see the concern about family and how to enjoy life to the full. And I love the food. I'm obsessed with crab!
- How does the routine?
- Live in the 'road', but I learned to deal with it. I have the support of my boyfriend and with him I feel normal again, saves the world, I recover.
- Do you miss the normal life?
- Sometimes, yes. But is the life I chose, I'm used to. I miss the family but I have my family in Brazil.
- At 23 you are already a success. How do you feel?
- It's why I work. If you feel that things are not so good, I recall the achievements and courage. While happy and be challenged, I'll be satisfied.
- How are you on a daily basis?
- Quiet. I do normal things for which I have no time to go shopping, see friends ... But do not get out much. I'd rather stay home, enjoy my dog, Luna, take a wine, make dinner. It is my luxury.
- Why not be among the most beautiful models in the world?
- It is an honor. When I say that I think of myself when I dreamed of being a mulherão. If I could say something to that girl would be: 'Calm down, you'll be fine in a few years, now enjoy.' (Laughs)
- How is your relationship with the Brazilian tops?
- Great. We have busy lives, it is difficult to find away from work, but we always see ... They laugh at me because I do is only talking about Brazil!
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