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Does lifting weights help you loose weight and get a toned body?

Answer: HELL YEAH!

I've been researching about whether lifting weights is something that is essential for us women to incorporate in our weekly work-outs to get or keep the bodies we desire without looking less like the Incredible Hulk and more like the supermodels in these pics ;). And this is what I found out...

I had a personal trainer for about two months with whom i trained once a week while still working out on my own 3times a week. His sessions were about 45mins long and 80% of that time was all about the weights (and push ups!!! ladiesss I started with being able to do about 3 and now I can do as many as 20.. and yess I am talking the proper push ups! its not just good for the triceps but also strengthens your core!)
I feel that my body is in the best shape it has ever been and people constantly compliment me that I look like I have lost weight and that my stomach looks so much more toned (which is super exciting for me since most of my fat is in my stomach..yes I am one of those unfortunate people who got teased about looking pregnant as my legs were so skinny in comparison to my belly).

From MY experience and the research I have done lifting weights has all these benefits:

1. You'll lose 40% more fat
2. You'll burn more calories 
3. Your clothes will fit better

4. You'll keep your body young

5. You'll be overall healthier/happier and reduce risks of cancer

This is not a joke ladies :P! Lift weights once a week, do cardio and throw in a class twice a week and I guarantee that is the best way to get a lean toned body! + with the help of an appropriate healthy diet of course.

Now lifting weights has to be done properly therefore I recommend getting a couple of personal trainer session so that you can learn how to position your body and how many to do and lalilalida.
SO dedicate time to cardio, weights, some classes/sport and BAM a supermodel is born! ;) xxo Jess

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